Your Outsourced Executive Team

How We Work

Allegiance Partners is a full-service professional firm focused on providing high-quality, just-in-time services to our clients. Our outsourced executives have deep managerial experience in a wide range of critical financial and operational functions, and are ready to begin helping you on Day 1, without lengthy training and orientation periods.

When you contact Allegiance Partners, we sit down with you to assess your operational needs, goals, and budget. We then identify the executive on our team who is best-suited to provide the services you need. Then we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Here are some of the particulars of our engagements:

“Our executives support your business operations with efficiency and professionalism, giving you more time to tend to the needs of your company and its growth. Our aim is to serve you in whatever ways we can, while working to cultivate a long-lasting, trusted relationship with you and your staff.”

-David Winzelberg, Allegiance Partners